Sunday, January 3, 2016

Napkin Rings

Hello!  Welcome to the first quarterly project post from  I wanted the first project to be something simple since, I am not very technically adept and also wanted to find a way to use up the left over items from the wreaths I've been making.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Extra burlap scraps or left over ribbon
  • Cardboard tubes (paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, or rolls from deco mesh (these are thicker and very sturdy but more difficult to cut! )
  • Burlap Cord (comes in many colors and is also called Jute)
  • Glue, scissors and marking pen (a ruler is optional)


Mark your cardboard tube in approximately 1" inch increments.  I eyeballed it, but you you can use a ruler if you want to be exact.


Cut your tubes so that you have individual rings.

Now the fun part:

Make sure the jute spool fits through the cardboard ring, otherwise you will have to re-roll it into a smaller ball to make sure it fits through.   

Now cut a piece of burlap or ribbon and glue it to the ring.  This will give added stability to a thinner cardboard tube and also hide any gaps if you do not wrap the cord tightly enough.  

Secure one end of the cord to the ring using your glue of choice.  I prefer a tackier glue because it is pliable and dries quickly.

Begin wrapping the burlap cord as tightly as you can around the ring without bending the cardboard.

Wrap... wrap... keep wrapping!  

Keep wrapping until you have covered the entire ring.   Make sure to cut the cording so that the end is inside the ring and secure it with glue.  Now you have a finished napkin ring.  


Decorate to your heart's content with beads, shells, or anything that matches your decor or table setting. This simple project is easy, fun to do and can add an elegant touch at little to no cost.  If you try our project, please feel free to pin your results on our projects Pinterest board located at  Burlap Beautiful Projects Board.